Data Driven Solutions to the Biggest People Challenges your Organization Faces

hire, grow and retain your employees

As an organizational leader, you have a solid plan in place. The strategy is sound, the finances are strong, operations are streamlined, and yet, implementation falls short of expectations.

Do you struggle with hiring the right people? Is retention a problem? Do you feel your employees are not performing at or near their potential? Is the culture you want the culture you have?

At LifeThrive, we focus on the human element of business. Our Employee Lifecycle Services can take the mystery out of employee Acquisition, Development, and Retention.

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Our free Behavior and Value Assessment was designed as a preview of something deeper and richer that will help you better understand your personal potential. It is our hope that you will recognize the value of further exploring our personal development plans. 

Real World Solutions to:

Improve Employee Engagement

What if your employees made double digit improvements in: goal achievement, self-direction, teamwork, decision making, and other key performance factors? We have a scientifically validated process to do just that.

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Build an Inspired Workforce

Our Research with over 1646 corporate executives shows that an inspired workforce will increase earnings by an average of 147%. We call it the H-Factor and it dramatically affects the performance, productivity and profitability of organizations. We have solutions to manage the H-Factor in your organization. 

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Strategically Manage Your Human Capital

We manage our organizations with data - Our strategies for marketing, production and finance are all by the numbers. Shouldn’t this be true of our people as well? We take the guesswork out of managing people. Using data is like having a GPS to guide you through people issues.

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