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LifeThrive transforms potential into performance for organizations seeking to nurture their rising stars.

For leaders without dedicated OD or HR departments, we offer essential tools to cultivate the talents of your team.

Who we Serve

Industries We Empower

We empower various sectors, from non-profits and associations to the dynamic worlds of construction, banking, communications, manufacturing, and insurance. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, our services are tailored to your environment.


Elevate your personal life with success, balance, and fulfillment strategies.

Leaders & Professionals

Enhance engagement and retention with our comprehensive employee lifecycle approach.


Deepen your organization's spiritual, emotional, and impact dimensions for a more meaningful impact.

Overcoming Employee Developmental Hurdles

We address the challenges you face head-on:

  • Transforming training expenditures into tangible outcomes.
  • Demystifying the ROI of employee development on your bottom line.
  • Providing a clear roadmap for investing in your team's growth.
  • Identifying and repairing engagement "leakage."
  • Ensuring that perceived engagement translates into actual performance.
  • Streamlining development processes for time-constrained leaders.

Our Offerings

Your Path to Enhanced Productivity and Profitability

Discover LifeThrive's solutions for nurturing employee growth at every stage, from hiring to retention. You can gain the people insights needed to amplify your team's productivity and drive profitable growth.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Staffing & Hiring: Acquire the right talent to fit your culture and drive success.
  • Organizational Development: Cultivate a high-performing team with targeted development.
  • Reducing Turnover: Retain your best by addressing the core of your people's needs.

Our People-Centric Approach
At LifeThrive, we focus on your most valuable asset: your people. Misalignment and lack of motivation can cost your bottom line. We offer assessments, training, and courses to realign, engage, and motivate your workforce, propelling your organization to its full potential.

Our Distinct Advantage
Leverage our data-driven insights to resolve people problems, impacting all organizational functions. 

Join over 200 organizations that have elevated their teams with LifeThrive. Discover the difference that truly understanding and investing in your people can make. 


Check what our clients say about us

You provided the substance, dimension . . . and real-world examples we needed . . . to make it easy to add value to our customers.

Sal Todero

AVP, Sprint

We reduced the number of candidates necessary to conduct productive interviews and improved our entire hiring process based on each specific role. LifeThrive is a trusted advisor.

James Pyle

CEO, Landsouth

Morale immediately improved and our staff suddenly felt vested in our organization, motivated to improve in control of their own future, and indeed enthusiastic about their workplace.

Carol A Warfield, MD

Harvard Medical School

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