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For Individuals:

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Personal Formation, Personal Development, and Personal Improvement – Many companies pride themselves on personal development. However, science has proven conclusively that development cannot occur if a person is not personally formed. Personal formation clearly defines individuals to others and themselves. It provides a person’s identity and a sense of: uniqueness from others, continuity, and affiliation so there is no role confusion. Only then can an individual develop to their maximum potential. Once the development process is under way there will be roadblocks and challenges that can only be eliminated through the use of conclusive psychometric data that provides a specific path to improvement for that individual. LifeThrive’s validated studies prove conclusively that this can be done in less than nine months. Look through our infographic and we’ll show you how we tailor the program to your people with potential.

For Companies:

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  • Safety Screening
  • General Employee Life-Cycle Services
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Hiring Phase Services
    • Job/Position Benchmarking
    • Interviewing Questionnaire
    • Hiring Criteria Determination
  • Developmental Phase Services
    • Mission, Vision, and Value Development
    • Onboarding Program Development
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • The Positive Performance Appraisal Process
  • Retention Phase Services
    • Coaching and Mentoring for Improved Retention
    • Promotion Fits/Misfits
    • Retirement Training

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