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LifeThrive delivers the people insights your organization needs so that you can optimize your team's productivity and performance to drive profitable growth.

We support each stage of the Employee Growth Lifecycle including:

Hiring solutions to help you hire the best and most-qualified candidates while creating consistency in culture, reducing turnover, and improving interviewing effectiveness.

Employee Development to drive better employee engagement, productivity, retention, and organizational performance.

Retention solutions create deep alignment, organizational wellness, and increased profitability

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The Problem:

People are complicated. You know that hiring and helping people do their best is more than just a job description. The challenge is, how do you engage them with the organization's mission?

You've probably already tried the latest training tools, discovery methods, and assessment tools, hoping to find the answer, but none of them thoroughly addressed the underlying people issues.

You may be frustrated because you've hit a wall. Deep down you know you have more potential in your team than what your bottom-line shows. So, what's the answer?

The Solution:

People often have a higher capacity than they realize.

We found that if an employee feels engaged at work, they will live up to their potential. With engaged employees, you get top-line and bottom-line impact in virtually every function.

In sum, Peter Drucker said: "Your first role [as a manager] is the personal one. It is the relationship with people, the development of mutual confidence, the identification of people, the creation of a community. This is something only you can do."

Get insights with LifeThrive People Data

Through a battery of specialized assessments, we help you get actionable insights into employee behaviors and motivations. We call this people data. Let us help you get actionable people data insights so that you can:

  • Make it personal for each person and their role, rather than broadly categorizing them.
  • Look for each person's talents and skills so a plan can be created to for them grow into their potential.
  • Know an individual's approach and priorities with ANY work-related role.
  • Predict what stress will be experienced with the tasks and processes involved in each role.
  • Identify HOW or IF a person will adapt to your specific culture.
  • Understand the challenges an employee will encounter if promoted to a leadership role.
  • Predict the likely impact an individual will have on their team members.
  • And more

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