Behavior and Values Assessment

This assessment will generate a brief (3 pages) overview of the Behaviors (genetics) and mindsets (cultural influence) of the individual.

While not comprehensive, it helps the participant identify general tendencies in their personality that will have an impact on their lives and relationships. The results are normed on a country by country basis to provide insights into how the individual compares to national norms.

Example Behavior & Values report (click to zoom)

LifeThrive's assessment will help you unlock your potential and provide a path to a personal development plan you can use. This free assessment will help you know:

  • How you project yourself to others
  • Specific areas in which you have strengths
  • How you currently prioritize life decisions
  • Areas for your focus
  • How your beliefs, as well as objective and subjective mindsets, impact your life

LifeThrive Assessments are used in over 100 countries 

LifeThrive's free assessments are currently used in over 100 countries and scientifically validated by norms. 

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