New year, new start.

16059643_s Let us first welcome you all to a brand new year. It's human nature to look to the future when January rolls around. We want to do better. We want to be betterBe it in your career and professional development, or in your personal growth, it seems there's always "no time like the present."

(That is, until you abandon many of your well-intentioned resolutions by mid-January.)

Let's break the pattern for 2015, and work together to make these goals a reality for the new year. As you'll see in the coming months, LifeThrive will place an increased focus on giving you the skills, tactics and motivation to improve your performance, in and out of the office.

The LifeThrive team has always been here to help you maximize your potential. But, for 2015 and beyond, we're dedicated to giving you more content, more insights and more expert perspectives so you can turn your goals into accomplishments, and your accomplishments into long-term success.

Today begins a new journey for all of us. It won't always be easy. And it won't always bring immediate results. But, much like our own growth and transition, when the dust clears, a better, more productive future awaits.

Gain Control of Your Goals

To start, we need to get you where you want to be. To get off to a good start, try these quick steps:

  1. Remember that success and prosperity reside within your mind. Your version of prosperity is going to look like something very different than those that “direct you on the path you ought to be on.” If you haven’t taken our free on line behavioral and values assessment do so, so you will understand your strengths and how to use them. -
  2. Make a list of your goals. Both long term and short term. Don’t let anyone tell you what they should be. Follow the “desires of your heart.” That is your inner compass telling you what you need to value and prioritize. Those priorities will be the foundation, motivating your success. Without them, you will not have the passion, drive and energy to achieve your objective. -
  3. Plan, but start by mapping out what is holding you back or standing in your way. Look at your behavioral and value areas that show the lowest scores. Identify which of your strengths can help you compensate for them. Once understood, set long-term SMART goals. Then break them down into steps that make sense and are not overwhelming. Just as Rome was not built in a day, nor will you achieve long-term objectives in a day. Make sure your daily objectives are attainable, even though they may stretch you. -
  4. Make a commitment for your future and your success. The road to accomplishments is rarely straight. You are going to encounter some curves and road blocks along the way. In the same way you expect that the highways will have some construction going on during a long journey, so will you need some reformatting and expansion of your path way. Consider those as the essential elements you were missing on the road to success. Without learning them along the way you will not have the knowledge to manage your success. And, remember my favorite phase: “Failure becomes success, when you learn from it.”

Hear from a few of your peers: We want to hear about your plans for the coming year(s)! What goals have you set for yourself (or your business) for 2015? What steps are you taking to achieve them? Let us know in the comments below!