Build an inspired workforce

What is the connection between an inspired workforce and corporate earnings?

Dr. Coker conducted research with 1646 corporate executives and discovered that a dramatic impact can be achieved in organizational performance, employee engagement and corporate wellness in as few as 6 to 9 months. Here are some of the findings:

  • Employee engagement increased from national norms of 28% to 76%
  • Average tenure increased from national norms of 2.4 years to 4.2 years
  • Turnover dropped in most organizations a minimum of 23%
  • LifeThrive’s Engaged employees improve profitability 147%
  • Total labor costs dropped from on average from 16% to 9%

The problem is that on average 70% of employees are not engaged, and the vast majority of organizations are plagued with people problems and don’t have a viable plan to address them. They don’t have a structured career path for their people, key rolls are understaffed, other key roles have the wrong person in them, some employees or entire teams are coasting along without real passion and engagement. High turnover is a constant drain on finance and morale. These problems compound to keep the company from achieving the positive momentum that is possible.

Life Thrive has a proven approach to address these problems. We provide data driven solutions for acquisition, development and retention.

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