LifeThrive Certification Training


March 25 - 27, 2021


Chesapeake, Virgina

Training Location

1317 Executive Blvd, Suite 300, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320


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What you get in this Certification Training

We keep classes small to ensure you absorb the material and can deliver it to clients with impact.

  • Get practical application skills during the group sessions 
  • Instruction to complete your certification to use LifeThrive’s: TrustworthinessResponse to Conflict, and Engaged Leadership programs
  • Access to all related PowerPoints with instructor notes (renewable annually) 
  • Leverage our free assessments (with your branding) in marketing efforts to grow your business
  • Access to the LifeThrive Assessment Portal and all proprietary assessments that support each program
  • Earn 40% commission on all LifeThrive materials sold through programs you deliver and online affiliate store
  • If you're unable to attend the live session, you can join us via live streaming too

Day 1

 - Fundamentals of Leadership and Management Success
- The Science of Leadership
- Refining Your Leadership and Management Skills
- Clear and Confident Communication

Day 2

- Learn the trust response process
- How to apply the managing conflict approach
- Steps to giving and receiving useful feedback
- Integrity-based approach to make whole the process work

Day 3

- Charisma does not mean being popular
- Collaborative approaches to building engagement
- Engagement that drives corporate wellness
- Empowering yourself and leaving a legacy


Access to follow-up webinar training sessions for new and existing affiliates

Our Speakers

Get training from experienced professionals 

Mike Hartsfield, PhD

Chuck Coker, PhD, DMin

Mike Klausmeier, MA

See What LifeThrive Certified Professionals have to say

Wish I found LifeThrive years ago

I have completed numerous self-assessments and gleaned valuable information from each. I consider myself to be a reflective person who recognizes the value of self-awareness and thought I had attained a more than adequate understanding of who I am and why I think, feel, and behave as I do. Then I was introduced to LifeThrive and stepped into a whole new level of self-understanding and personal revelation. By using data from a battery of robust assessment tools, the LifeThrive experience gave me a holistic picture of what makes me tick. I found in the data tangible confirmation of how I'm wired to do what I do the way I do it. In essence, LifeThrive gave me the confidence to be me. How liberating! I wish I had found LifeThrive years ago.

The heart of my consulting business

LifeThrive is at the heart of my consultancy business. The LifeThrive mission - expertly applying scientific processes to enhance employee engagement and human flourishing in the workplace - is central to my business offering. I have explored many approaches to using psychometrics.

LifeThrive provides a depth of insight and practice, thanks to Dr. Chuck Coker's extensive expertise and experience, essential for the provision of high-quality applications for our clients. Further, the LifeThrive tools, ranging from the Personal Formations Programme, 360 feedback, role benchmarking to trust, and conflict assessments, are foundational to my work. The impact on our clients is immense, across the entire employee lifecycle. My particular emphasis is on leaders and leadership teams; LifeThrive ensures that I can provide fast insights with precision, essential for my specific client base. I can't commend Dr. Coker and LifeThrive enough.

Phil Eyre
UK LifeThrive

Ticket Pricing

Certified Professionals

For LifeThrive affiliates already certified in our other programs



  • Training & Certification
  • All program materials
  • Live streaming included

*Accommodations and meals not included

New Certification +Business Builder 

For new affiliates and consultants not yet certified by LifeThrive who want to build their business



  • Training & Certification
  • All program materials
  • Live streaming included
  • Plus three business builder Coaching sessions with Dr. Chuck Coker

*Accommodations and meals not included

Here’s What Attendees Have to Say About Our Training

A Better functioning Team

I want you to know how valuable we found your training in Leadership Development. I am confident that our workforce will continue to grow into a better functioning TEAM, achieving significant achievements in the process.

More details on the live stream and location 

You can attend the training in person or via live stream from home. Live stream details will be shared the week for training. 

Many hotels and restaurants are close by (5 minutes or less) the training facilities.

  • 1207 21st Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL, United States, 32250

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We keep classes small to ensure each participant absorbs the knowledge and can deliver it appropriately. Participants get valuable training, instruction, and learn practical application skills during the group training sessions.