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LifeThrive Job Analysis

LifeThrive's Job Analysis system was developed to assess multiple dimensions of an individual which will allow them to successfully complete a role with minimal stress.

It takes into account the natural behaviors associated with successful task completion. It also evaluates the priorities and mindsets necessary to work within the role and corporate culture of the organization. To complete this assessment properly you must take an objective, non-emotional view of the job and answer the questions from this perspective: If the job could talk, how would it rank the statements in each of the groups.

LifeThrive 360-degree Analysis 

LifeThrive's 360 analysis is an assessment taken anonymously by a select group of employees to appraise an individual.  It allows managers, peers, subordinates, and the individual themselves to evaluate multiple areas of the individual's skills and abilities, as well as performance within their role.

The purpose is to view the individual from all angles (360-degree view) so that they feel the evaluation is more balanced and fair than what may appear to be a subjective evaluation from a manager who may have biases. It improves the employee's receptivity to constructive guidance and is viewed positively in 72% of the cases.

LifeThrive's Employee Engagement Survey

LifeThrive's Engagement Survey measures the engagement level of your employees in areas like advancement, recognition, pay & benefits, job role, training and development opportunities, leadership, and work environment issues.

This process gives employees a voice by allowing them to answer questions anonymously that impact the organization's well being. Leadership can use employee's responses to improve communication and engagement, address work environment issues, and access tangible and actionable data which can create objectives for comparing their organization to industry standards and best practices proven to impact positive change.

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