Online Courses

Individual & Foundational Classes

30 Lessons    Easy

Behaviors are what we observe from others within our interactions. This course will teach you how to interact, with behavior in mind, to foster understanding and receptiveness in others.

27 Lessons    None

In Mindsets Training & Certification, you will learn how to grow your emotional intelligence to engage others more easily, lead and manage better, and maximize your people skills.

20 Lessons    Easy

Learn how to be up to 40% more effective and efficient in achieving your goals and objectives with a simple, step-by-step approach backed by research.

Focused Programs

25 Lessons    Intermediate

Want to build a healthy organization? Build it on a foundation of TRUST! This course will give you all the ingredients necessary to turn organizational diversity into long-term success.

29 Lessons    Intermediate

Conflict alone is negative. This course is about turning something negative into something positive that can propel you and your team members to excellence.

In-Depth Application for Leaders

118 Lessons    Intermediate

Learn how to understand people and apply human metrics to build transformational teams and successful organizations.

152 Lessons    Intermediate

This course will teach you how to master employee engagement and employee retention to increase your success as a leader/manager.

Faith Based

28 Lessons    Intermediate

LifeThrive’s Spiritual Formations Course helps believers know more about how they are created and equipped for personal service in God’s Kingdom.