Culture of Performance Index

What is The Cultural Performance Index?

The Cultural Performance Index (CPI) provides individualized insight into how efficient and effective team members feel their present organizational culture provides. The final score is a percentage of what they believe is their organization’s potential. It can be used as a multiplier to indicate how much more growth and development team members need to engage fully. Based on the number of participants, the greater a leader’s perspective of the organization’s culture can be gained. The higher the percentage, the closer you are to maximizing your employee’s productivity, performance, and profitability.

What can I learn about my business?

No matter your organization's size or market, there is always an opportunity for growth and development. Discover unique perspectives of your organization’s challenges so you may gain the understanding needed to propel corporate wellness to the next stage. The CPI empowers you to assess your organization's "people effectiveness" level and identify key areas for improvement. Don't miss out on addressing the issues that impact 75% of your team's success. Take action and elevate your organization's performance today.

What is the bottom line?

While leaders, managers, and all team members deeply care about their roles and the organization's image, subtle signs of underlying issues may go unnoticed. Uncover the hidden challenges hindering your organization's performance and take proactive steps toward resolution. Just as self-awareness is key to developing emotional intelligence, recognizing and addressing issues is crucial for improving organizational performance. Discover the critical needs your organization must address through your score and unlock the path to transformative growth and success.