Culture of Performance Index

What is The Cultural Performance Index?

The Cultural Performance Index (CPI) provides leaders and managers with insight into how efficient and effective their team members are within the present organizational culture. The final score is a percentage of your organization’s potential. It can be used as a multiplier to indicate how much more growth and development are available to your team members. The higher the percentage, the closer you are to maximizing your employee’s productivity, performance, and profitability.

What can I learn about my business?

Regardless of your organization’s size or market, there is always room for growth and development. Each organization will have its unique challenges and will require insight into what is needed to meet corporate wellness’s “next stage.” The CPI will provide you with the understanding necessary to determine your organization’s level of “people effectiveness.” The lower the score, the greater the need for you to address the issues that impact 75% of your team’s success.

What is the bottom line? 

Most leaders/managers care about their role, their image, and the organization’s health. The challenge is that many of the subtle signs are not always visible to leadership – if it were, they would often address the issue with the hope of bringing about a resolution. In the same way, emotional intelligence cannot increase until there is self-awareness, so an organization cannot improve performance without recognizing that there are issues that need to get addressed. Your score will tell you how critical those needs are.

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