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The process doesn’t start and end with the wealth of scientific human factor data, however. Your company’s “H” factor data and developmental process will allow you to manage the future success of your organization. Upon completion of your team’s assessments, the data is extracted and entered into a developmental software program which eliminates any predisposition or bias. Your personalized program is then populated with information that is organized and precisely scaled to each individual’s objectives and motivations. Each phase of the employee’s lifecycle contains predictable progression needs. Meeting those needs and setting them up for success is greatly simplified. When you follow the data you remove personal bias’ and personalize their approach to improved productivity and performance.

Hiring - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Critical Job Elements (CJEs) can be empirically benchmarked with “H” factor data. Once measured you apply them to a candidate’s data and prepare questions to facilitate a proper interviewing process. If the statistics and interview indicate there is a job fit, you will also know how to manage and develop the person before they sit down at their desk the first time.

Developing - Using broad brush approaches to onboarding employees stifles creativity, performance and their sense of uniqueness in the organization. The Personal Formation process enhances path awareness and prepares the new employee for personal development with a specific understanding of which personal and professional skills are necessary for growth and development. However, no one is exempt from challenges – there will always be roadblocks. That’s when the personal improvement data will initiate the right success path. The University of Continuing Education indicates that the #1 incentive for today’s employee When each of these steps are part of the Performance Appraisal process, the employee has ownership and creates their own and the company’s success.

Retaining - The best talent will only stick around if the person’s mindsets match an organization’s mission vision and values. Additionally they must feel there is a career path for their future. Regardless of whether it is a technical or leadership path, but one that works for their aspirations. As a leader or manager you can guarantee, BEFORE the person moves into their desk, there is a retention path that is easy to understand and attain as they grow regardless of the position. Following updated data in the future will also provide you with the insight necessary to know the exact timing for transition. 

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