Developmental Phase Services

Consider this: too often, businesses focus on investing invisible costs such as advertising or technology upgrades when attempting to grow their business. Rather than taking this risky route, we have proven that growing your business can be achieved when you focus on your people. Your time should be invested in exploring your opportunities to re-engage your employees and inspire them to increase productivity.




Mission, Vision and Value Development

This one day (6 – 8 hours) program (after stakeholder questionnaires are answered) utilizes accelerated learning processes to analyze and determine corporate direction by providing:

  • Clarity on the “who, what and why” of the organization, based on stakeholder submissions
  • Defining and developing the statements in a finished form
  • Roll out approaches that create employee ownership

 Onboarding Program Development

This 3 stage, one month process that accommodates corporate culture and departmental measurements, applying them to newly hired career paths and provides:

  • Competence, Capacity, Chemistry and Capacity cycle establishment
  • Division, departmental and job level analysis completed so congruence can be established with corporate mission, vision and values.
  • Employee Onboarding program overview developed to promote development of:
    • Technical Skills
    • Soft Skills

Personal Formation, Personal Development, and Personal Improvement

Personal Development, Personal Formation:

This 18 stage, 6 – 7 month program provides:

  • Process introduction to define individuals to others and themselves. It provides a person’s identity and a sense of: uniqueness from others, continuity and affiliation so there is no role confusion.
  • Verbal, visual and practical approaches determined (individually and as a group) to solving both departmental and interdepartmental interactional and communication challenges which impact productivity, performance and profitability.
  • Personal Development Plan process developed and “owned” by each employee to improve their weaknesses by applying their strengths as they create a progressive approach to enhancing their well-being and on-the-job performance.
  • Joint collaboration with management/leadership in aspects of the performance appraisal process.
  • Individual analysis of how individual behaviors, mindsets and motivations impact their productivity, performance and their work scheduling.

Personal Improvement:

This 28-day workbook and coaching program provides:

  • Two weeks of the Cognitive phase that provides the individual with a well-defined mental picture and ownership of the counterproductive skill and its consequences keeping them from success.
  • Ten days of the Associative and Autonomous phase illustrating how to implement the four component parts of the STOP process, making them actionable as well as providing the time to develop the STOP process

Four days of the unique LifeThrive concepts to the helping the individual readjust the way they approach their objectives

Management & Leadership Development 

This 12 stage, one year program provides:

  • Clarity on how to understand, modify and apply one’s individual behaviors, mindsets and motivations to build both leadership and management strengths as they apply to the daily integration of the corporate mission, vision and values.
  • Multiple approaches for leading, managing, inspiring and building trust with those you oversee through the use of Human Data.
  • Intentional and feedback processes for empowering subordinates as the leader builds departmental integrity and character.
  • Introducing the “Growth Mindset” as you implement the science of successful leadership and the steps of leading by example.
  • Group application regarding how to apply their leadership/management in developing charisma, integrity, inspiring trust, etc.

 The Positive Performance Appraisal Process 

This 4 session (2 hours each) program helps the manager/leader turn a process that is normally 51% negative to 72% positive by providing:

  • Introduction, value and application of “Rating Scale Process”
  • Introduction, value and application of Personal Development Process or MBO’s
  • Introduction, value and application of 360’s
  • When, where and how to use each or all approaches.

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