Employee Life-Cycle Services

Get better results every stage of the Employee Growth Lifecycle, including hiring, development, and ongoing retention.

Through assessments and decades of experience, we help you deeply understand people so that you can hire the best, develop the talent they possess, keep employees long-term, and reduce overall turnover. 

LifeThrive assessments help you better know your employees so that you can optimize your team's productivity and performance to drive profitable growth.

Acquisition Phase

Let us help you hire the best and most qualified candidates while creating consistency in culture, reducing turnover, and improving interviewing effectiveness.

Often there are not enough skilled people available for specific roles. Also, you want to prevent putting the wrong person in a critical role. That's why you need to identify those with skills and real potential. We help with the following steps:

  • Benchmarking: Know what specific mental parameters make your best people successful so that you can identify the most ideal candidate who will be successful.
  • Screening: Identify which candidates possess the desired hard and soft skills as well as the most significant growth potential. Know if the candidate will fit your corporate culture.
  • Hiring: Eliminate hiring mistakes and ensure you're using customized interviews based on assessment data to verify fit and likelihood for job success.

Development Phase

Maximize employee engagement, productivity, and retention with personalized career development.

  • On-boarding: Shorten employee time-to-results through improved on-boarding, so new employees know how their role will contribute to organizational success.
  • Data-Driven Development: Help each employee develop a personalized plan to build on strengths and overcome weaknesses, so they improve job performance and cultural fit.
  • Skill Set Training: A personalized training program designed for those in authority to maximize technical and soft skills. In this way, leadership will know when to apply either leadership or management skills appropriately.

Retention Phase

Employee turnover is costly. Our retention solutions help you create deep alignment, organizational wellness, and increased profitability.

  • Performance Feedback: The LifeThrive feedback process is unlike traditional employee reviews, which are perceived negatively 71% of the time. Provide employees with performance feedback that is more positive and reinforces their value and worth.
  • Capacity Development: Build your employees' foundation of emotional intelligence, empathy, motivation, and social skills based on their individual needs.
  • Career Path Development: Create individual and corporate alignment by meeting each employees' desire and capacity to grow through increased responsibility or promotion.

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“Enhanced our hiring”


We reduced the number of candidates necessary to conduct productive interviews and improved our entire hiring process based on each specific role. LifeThrive is a trusted advisor.

James Pyle (CEO, Landsouth)

“Morale immediately improved”


Morale immediately improved and our staff suddenly felt vested in our organization, motivated to improve in control of their own future, and indeed enthusiastic about their workplace.

Carol A Warfield, MD (Harvard Medical School)

“Guided us every step”


Organizations, such as ours, cannot afford to make 'people' mistakes. You guided us through each step of the process to ensure the right person was in the appropriate position, based on their skills, behaviors, and motivational mindset. You helped us get all the behavioral training necessary to adapt to both internal and external clients to ensure their needs got met.

Kristin D. McLauchlan (CEO, Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices)

“Never ceases to amaze me”


For the last four years here at New Wine, I have used LifeThrive's assessment tools and consulting services in the recruitment process and ongoing development of our staff. It never ceases to amaze me how detailed and insightful this process is. I, therefore, totally support this strategy.

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