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LifeThrive’s free behavior assessment was designed to help you identify surface level behavioral and mindset tendencies. This information can be the basis of increasing your Emotional Intelligence (EI). Look for the 5 Key aspects of EI as you read your results:

  1. You must be Self-Aware and understand yourself in the context of what others see (how you handle problems, interact with others, preferred pace and responsiveness to rules and procedures).
  2. You must have the capacity to Self-Regulate by understanding how you approach people and tasks in multiple dimensions (Goals, Judging others, Influencing others, Value to a company, Your overuses, Stress reaction, and what you fear)
  3. You must define how your Motivations can be broadened and developed to ensure success (Increase your versatility and appeal as well as build on your mental and behavioral strengths).
  4. You must know how to deepen your Empathy to help you make better decisions (are your biases objective, subjective or belief based)?
  5. You must be able to use the previous 4 items to demonstrate flexibility in your Social Skills (by understanding your strong and week behaviors/values and how they impact others).

LifeThrive’s Spiritual Gifts Assessment was designed to help you understand how God has gifted you for service to the Body of Christ. Years of study have indicated that God uses our genetic code (behaviors/personality) and the culture that we were born into (family, education, friends, and nation) to shape and prepare us for our gifting’s. Take the free Behaviors/Values assessment above to gain this understanding. With that basis, you will be able to see your strengths and gifting’s fulfilled in each of the four categories service to the Body. You will notice that your results have explanations of the gifts, how you compare to others who have taken this assessment and application of the gifts. The four equipping categories are:

  1. Displaying God’s Love
  2. Managing with God’s Principles
  3. Communicating God’s Mind
  4. Displaying God’s Authority