Habit Story

Upgrade your habits. Unleash your potential.

Everyday, 43% of our actions are informed by habits. Which ones are serving you, and which ones are holding you back?

LifeThrive is an exclusive distributor to one of the world's most validated and in-depth assessments measuring success patterns. It has been used by myriad organizations to identify employee success patterns and what might hinder them from achieving their maximum potential. The Habit Story answers questions NO OTHER assessment will answer about an employee’s mental environment, their aptitudes and how that can impact their career path by addressing issues such as:

  • How deep and comprehensive are the assessee's aptitudes, both physically and mentally?
  • Does their present environment help or hinder their present state, personally and professionally?
  • How will the depth of their drive impact the way they express themselves at work and play?
  • How decisive, persistent, and open are they to change?
  • What aspects of their nature will contribute to their success or failure in life?

This assessment is used to help develop a fast track for the growth and development of critical employees. It also ensures that merger and acquisition employees are placed correctly, building executive teams, and coaching/counseling employees with specific needs that they may be struggling with in certain areas.

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Habit story goes beyond finding your strengths. Discover the root cause of your behaviors by completing the Habit Story assessment. It’s time to pair your natural abilities with your everyday actions. 


  • Access to the comprehensive Habit Story assessment
  • Measure habits, response patterns, and emotional state
  • Learn about what serves you, those around you, and why