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As the old saying goes, “Good people are hard to find.” This is particularly true in business, as more and more employers report challenges in finding skilled workers to fill current open positions. Our personal studies indicate roughly 60 percent of companies feel finding competent people ranks in the top three most-critical factors for success.

That’s why we’re here to tell you finding competent employees for your business does not have to be difficult.

All you have to do is make the hiring process work for you by following these four simple tips below:


  1. Identify – Before the hiring process begins, identify which assessments you will need in order to obtain the information necessary to measure the managing and leading aspects.
  2. Assess – Understand and apply the perpetual cycle with the identified assessments. Be sure to focus on the leadership or inspirational aspects, not just the management aspects.
  3. Not a quick fix – Most managers and leaders of a business feel pressured to find a quick fix. However, it is important to realize a quick fix only addresses the short-term needs of a truly dynamic organization.
  4. Think long-term – Think in terms of the NFL Draft. A team can either take a player to fill an immediate need, or it can recruit the best player available. By filling the immediate need you fail to address the depth of your team and will not build the long-term cohesiveness of a group that is necessary for success. When recruiting the best available player, it may take longer to develop, but it pays higher dividends in the long run.


Job/Position Benchmarking 

This 5 step process can be completed in as little as a half-day (in-house or through LifeThrive Consultants)

  • Job Description analyzed
  • SME’s identify Key Performance Indicators/purpose
  • Prioritization and time commitments aligned
  • SME’s complete Job Study Questionnaire for Data Collection
  • Benchmarks assigned based on Statistical Analysis

Interviewing Questionnaire

The multiple step process is based on job type and corporate screening needs and is only completed when Data Analysis is available for the position. It is normally a process that takes several weeks to ensure formatting has been reviewed from multiple sources.

  • Standardized approach to identifying behavioral, mindset and motivational strengths used to format 1st pass phone interviewing.
  • Detailed approach to identifying behavioral, mindset and motivational strengths used to format video or in-person interviewing.
  • Questions formulated on gaps between benchmarks and candidate data.

Hiring criteria determination

This multiple step process can be completed in as little as one day provided all data is available and preparatory work has been completed. Individual job variances are established based on the organizations accumulated Human Data (including turnover) and depth of SME input.

  • Benchmark Variances set
  • Interviewing Weighting determined
  • Collaborative assessments from Interviewers collected and evaluated
  • Variances compared to accumulated data

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