​​​​Improving Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the most critical measurement factor impacting the effectiveness of people's minds and, consequently, how they do business or work.

Each employee's uniqueness requires that you find and develop a plan, at every stage of their development, to engage, and promote their personal and professional objectives - otherwise risk turnover.

The LifeThrive 1-year emotional intelligence training program will help your team develop these areas:

  1. Self-awareness - the ability to know one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals and recognize their impact on others.
  2. Self-regulation - controlling or redirecting one's disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.
  3. Motivation - being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement.
  4. Empathy - the ability to understand other people's feelings and consider them, especially when making decisions.
  5. Social skill - managing relationships to move people in the desired direction 



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LifeThrive provides the only scientifically validated approach to improving your employee's Emotional Intelligence  and we guarantee the results.

Proven Steps to Increasing Emotional Intelligence

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“What a wonderful change”


What a wonderful change Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Coker made in just two days! Morale immediately improved and our staff suddenly felt vested in our organization, motivated to improve, in control of their own future and indeed enthusiastic about their workplace. . . You took a rather skeptical, frustrated group of professionals and generated hope, focus, and optimism within a very short period.

“No way to describe what has happened right before my eyes”


There is no way to describe what has happened right before my eyes. Our leadership team has achieved an 11% increase in their Emotional Intelligence over the one-year LifeThrive training program. The results improved our employee's engagement and each person's level of achievement. It's no wonder that the whole leadership team got retained during our acquisition

David Houser (SVP, KMS)

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