about John Mercer

Organizational Development Consultant focusing on Industrial/Manufacturing and Non-Profit Industries

John Mercer brings 30 years of experience in multiple roles and industries to LifeThrive. With broad experience from business ownership to union labor, John has a real world understanding of a wide variety of topics from solid business communication to safe work practices in heavy industrial environments.

After graduating from the University of North Florida, John has used his skills in developing teams and leaders. He has focused on helping organizations by developing their culturally relevant communication which has had a positive impact on their performance and profitability. John feels that his greatest calling is to assist people in their personal growth and development through training, development, coaching and mentoring.

Industries specialized in

  1. Manufacturing/Heavy Industrial
  2. Non-Profit
  3. Service Industries

Services provided:

  1. Human Resources Generalist
  2. Personal Formation and Development
  3. Emotional Intelligence Improvement
  4. Leadership/Management Development
  5. Safety Analysis/Intervention/Improvement
  6. Mission, Vision, and Values Alignment


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11445 Young Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32218
United States

Email: john@lifethrive.com
Phone: 904-755-9887

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