General Employee Life-Cycle Services

Over the last 40 years, LifeThrive’s doctors, researchers, and behavioral specialists studied both historical and human data from virtually every industry and every walk of life. What they discovered has been used to form the basis of human data solutions that challenge companies of all sizes and provide the basis of LifeThrive’s People Optimization Process.

We ensure corporate leaders and managers can access the tools they need to optimize individual and organizational performance. As a result, our client organizations thrive and prosper within individual and aggregate expectations.

Most companies realize that a few seminars or training sessions will not noticeably impact or improve long-term productivity, performance, or profitability. It takes time to create a culture of success. That’s why it is critical that all three phases of an employee’s life-cycle be addressed – the hiring, developmental, and retention processes MUST be addressed with data, not just assumptions and good intentions.

LifeThrive can help you do just that! By applying data in every aspect of the employee life-cycle, you can improve your chance for success and meaningful employee engagement that positively impacts your bottom line.



Hiring Phase Services

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 Developmental Phase Services

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Retention Phase Services

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