about Linda M. Campbell

From the time she was 12 years old Dr. Campbell knew why she was born – to coach others to fulfil their God-given purpose. As the product of two marines; a father who served as a VP of a large corporation in NYC and a mother who was an educator committed to human development, Linda was hooked after reading Atlas Shrugged and books on Jungian psychology.  She brings a lifetime of multi-dimensional career success to her passion for using scientifically proven data for organizational success.

In the early 90’s Campbell established a nationwide consulting practice focused on developing organizational capacity that grew over 50% per year over seven years. Her clients included organizations, large and small, in the public and private sector. Her "Quality through Empowerment Program" earned one of her clients the Governor's Sterling Award for Quality and the Industry Week Award for Quality. The Industry Week assessment team cited her training program as "best of the best".

In her early work as a Training Consultant with a firm of Industrial Psychologists, Campbell delved deeply into the human side of quality. As a seasoned executive coach and management turnaround specialist, her expertise on the “H” factor greatly impacted organizational health through the use of personal, professional and organizational assessments.

As Director of Organizational Development for a leading on-line marketing company, Linda was responsible for creating the strategic performance management system for the organizations’ family of companies in three states. She established one, three and five year personal and professional development plans for each staff member based upon LifeThrive’s complex and integrated group of assessments. As a result, cohesive teams were established and performance increased immeasurably.

Dr. Campbell has led virtual direct teams of up to 27 with indirect responsibility for 2,700 and opened the international market as EVP-Global Markets for a mid-sized consulting company. She holds a Doctorate of Divinity, a Master of Science in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Education. Her meaning for this educational path is simply “Integrity in Business.” She holds dozens of multi-dimensional assessment certifications; however, has found the LifeThrive group of assessments, the most complete and impactful.

“If you believe that human capital is truly your most valuable asset, set up a meeting with Linda Campbell now. Linda is adept at greasing the wheels of human interaction by understanding how each and every individual “ticks.” Using scientific principles, Linda helped me to understand not only myself, but the characteristics of key other individuals in the organization, and how to best interface with them. I was able to achieve demonstrable improvements in team performance within literally a day after using her recommendations. Unquestionably one of the best ROIs on time investment this year. I give Linda my highest recommendation.”
— Carol Meinhart
 | Director of Partnerships at MarketingSherpa

Industries specialized in

  1. Human Capital Management
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Transportation
  4. Energy
  5. Professional Services
  6. Technology
  7. Construction
  8. Healthcare
  9. Aviation
  10. Cybersecurity
  11. Public Sector
  12. International

Services provided:

  1. Personal Formations and Development
  2. Organizational Development Analysis and Improvement
  3. Emotional Intelligence Improvement
  4. Organizational Culture Change
  5. Succession Planning
  6. Human Capital Management
  7. Leadership/Management Development

To learn more about Linda you may listen to this 15 minute Superachiever podcast @ http://content.blubrry.com/quitbleepingaround/QBA_030_Campbell_Interview.mp3


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