about Mike Klausmeier


Mike started his engineering and science firm in 2005 after spending 15 years in senior technical and technical manager positions.  Mike quickly discovered the value of understanding the behaviors and mindsets of his team.  This led to the implementation in his company of procedures that used human data in every facet of hiring, onboarding, and personal and professional development. 

Mike published a book on the use of human data in small businesses in 2016 and split his company into two divisions the same year.  One division focuses on the collection, interpretation, and implementation of the results of environmental data and the other focuses on the same processes with human data.

Specializing in:

For-profit and non-profit small business formation and growth

Core Value Development and Implementation

Collection and application of human data to:

  • Assist parents and students with choosing a college major
  • Optimum hiring, onboarding and professional development
  • Choose proper careers and subsequent job placement
  • Increase personal efficacy
  • Increase team efficacy