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We have helped more than 200 clients create high-performing organizations.

Let us help you solve your company's most pressing concerns, including hiring, selection, culture, leadership development, succession planning, 360-degree feedback, and more.

To develop a healthy organization, your people must contribute, connect, and believe they are heard to build business strategies, goals and shared purposes that drive success.

So how do you know if you are on track? You need personality data for your people.


LifeThrive's exclusive battery of scientific assessments will guide you and your organization in focusing on the critical objectives unique to your organization's culture and its employees' skill sets.

Our employee assessments provide you with information that can be used throughout your employee's lifecycles from pre-screening and job matching to on-boarding and managing performance.

Here are just some of the assessments we provide:

  • Hiring and Selection
  • Leadership Development
  • Improve Morale and Productivity
  • Select and Motivate Sales Stars
  • Personal Formations Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Validated Safety Assessment
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Trust Assessment
  • Quality of Motivation Quotient Assessment

“Never ceases to amaze me”


For the last four years here at New Wine, I have used LifeThrive's assessment tools and consulting services in the recruitment process and ongoing development of our staff. It never ceases to amaze me how detailed and insightful this process is. I, therefore, totally support this strategy.

“The best investment we've made”


Kerry has been like another staff member for us going the extra mile to understand our business, our roles, and our culture. This has been the best return on investment we've made for our organization.

Jay Bryant-Wimp (CEO, Accurate Rx)

“Enhanced our hiring”


We reduced the number of candidates necessary to conduct productive interviews and improved our entire hiring process based on each specific role. LifeThrive is a trusted advisor.

James Pyle (CEO, Landsouth)

“Guided us every step”


Organizations, such as ours, cannot afford to make 'people' mistakes. You guided us through each step of the process to ensure the right person was in the appropriate position, based on their skills, behaviors, and motivational mindset. You helped us get all the behavioral training necessary to adapt to both internal and external clients to ensure their needs got met.

Kristin D. McLauchlan (CEO, Legacy Trust Family Wealth Offices)

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