Our Team

With offices in the United States and the UK, our talented team shares a passion for empowering organizations and individuals. We are dedicated to helping your organization reach its full potential. Explore our profiles and experience the collective knowledge that drives our comprehensive solutions for talent development and organizational growth.

U.S. Corporate Team

Dr. Charles Coker

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Kathryn Dean

Executive Assistant

U.k Corporate Team

Phil Eyre, CLP

Guernsey, UK

Angie Campbell, CLP

Cambridge, UK

Kareena Hodgson, CLP

Guernsey, UK

Nicole Le Goupillot

Guernsey, UK

Certified LifeThrive Consultants

Jeff Ganthner, AIA,CLP

Chesapeake, VA

David Goochee, CLP

Virginia Beach, VA

Kerry Goyette, MA,CLP

Columbia, MO

Deb Harrell, PhD, CLP

Jacksonville, FL

Michael Hartsfield, PhD

Virginia Beach, VA

Mike Klausmeier, MA,

Zuni, VA

Sandra Nestor Love

Jacksonville, FL

Kim Magdalein

Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

Dr. Joseph A. Mancini, M.Ed, Ed.D

Cape Coral, FL

John Mercer, CLP

Jacksonville, FL

George R. Monk, PhD,

Atlanta, GA

Charles Mullis, CLP

Jacksonville, FL

Julie Norman, CLP

Kileen, TX

Jonathan Vinke, CLP

Jacksonville, FL

Peter Woodward, CLP

Guernsey, UK

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