Angie Campbell

Personal development and Spiritual formation have been a passion for over 35 years.

Angie is the faith-based director of Lifethrive UK. She has co-led The C3 Church in Cambridge UK alongside her husband Steve for 26 years, both acting as Senior Pastors. This is where the journey with Lifethrive began. After life-changing insights through using the assessments, Angie has been on a mission to introduce the concept into church leadership teams, membership classes, interview procedures, and marriage counseling. This has led to teaching at Mattersey Bible College, coaching students at Westminster Theological Centre, and many different faith-based leadership teams.

Angie is a trained Mathematics teacher gaining a B.Ed. (Hons) Maths from Lancaster University. Her experience includes teaching in an all-boys Private School at the time she was the only female member of the faculty since 1945! While raising a family, she ran her tutoring agency; nurturing many through their end of year exams. She also taught in specialized schools for children who had been bullied, marginalized, or excluded from mainstream schools enabling her to develop the whole person, not just deliver the curriculum.

Raising their son and two daughters have been her reason for being. Seeing them flourish in their giftings and playing their unique part within the Body of Christ has been a joy.

Angie has sat on the board of Besom, a local charity reaching the poor and disadvantaged with practical aid, which alongside her forming Cambridge City Foodbank in 2010, has been an outworking of her heart for Social Justice.

With her experience of pastoring over 1000 people in the congregation, by strategizing, building teams, recruiting staff, casting vision, and fundraising

Industries specialized in:

  • Faith-based organizations, churches, and charities
  • Management and Leadership

Services provided:

  • Recruitment insights
  • Spiritual formations

“Helped me understand many layers of my personality”


I have worked with Angie over the past few years to unpack my LifeThrive assessment in various ways, using Angie's expertise and the many tools she has developed. Angie's passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for LifeThrive have helped me unravel many layers of my personality, behaviors, and motivators, supporting me in fully understanding who I am, personally, spiritually, and professionally.

It has been a hugely impactful experience and left me hungry to learn more; not just from a personal perspective but in understanding and loving others better. It is also a tool I now use in my workplace which has helped me to both build a strong team and keep the team working strong.

I can guarantee you will not regret one moment of your experience with Angie as her gifts, talents, and knowledge will similarly unravel layers of you that you have not unraveled before.

Anna Harvey (Partner, Employment Lawyer. Price Bailey LLP.)

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