Deb Harrell

Dr. Deb Harrell is a Naturopathic Doctor and Professional Wellness & Lifestyle Coach.  Deb is Founder & President of Heart & Soul Health Services, whose mission is to be a beacon of light guiding people to the truth that eliminates suffering & brings vitality in body, soul & spirit.

Dr. Deb specializes in a holistic approach to wellness.  She has led women’s holistic retreats, where she taught everything from whole-food nutrition to purpose development and goal setting.  She feels that the LifeThrive programs provide critical components to helping people live a life of thriving and is excited to incorporate them into her teaching & equipping.

Deb spent 15 years in accounting management for large & mid-sized corporations, followed by a career in network marketing, where she reached the top leadership position in her company.  In addition to her double doctorate in naturopathy and natural health counseling, she received a BS in accounting from the University of Louisville.  Deb is married to Tim, and together they have five children and 11 grandchildren as well as a variety of pets.

Industries Specialized in

  • Network Marketing & Direct Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit

Services Provided:

  • Personal Formation & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Improvement
  • Leadership/Management Development
  • Mission, Vision & Values Alignment
  • Network Marketing/Direct Sales Leadership Development

Get in touch with Deb Harrell, ND

1539 Parental Home Road

Jacksonville, FL 32246

[email protected]


Flourish for Network Marketing & Direct Sales Workbook

With over 25 years in the network marketing & direct sales industry, Dr. Deb Harrell has extensive experience with all aspects of the industry, including customer acquisition, team development, coaching, and leadership.

This book will help you: 

  • Attract the right team members to your organization
  • Move your team towards achieving their goals
  • Make more money
  • Help your team achieve the compensation plan
  • Continue your growth journey and make the impact you want

This book accompanies the Flourish for Network Marketing & Direct Sales sessions. Before buying this book, you will want to complete the TriMetrix assessment so your scores can guide you through the learning process. Learn more

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