Dr. George R. Monk

George is a former US Army soldier that’s still making an impact and difference wherever he’s stationed. He’s a trainer, coach, mentor, speaker, professor, leadership/management, and personal growth/development expert.

George held and currently holds numerous high-level positions within the military, academia, non-profit organizations, and the government. His background includes multiple diverse and inclusive positions centered around collective leadership and encapsulating its genius.

He is trained in Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, DISC, Certified Generations Professional, Time Management, Situational Leadership, LifeThrive Assessments, and other initiatives to increase productivity, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion. Dedicated to lifelong learning and sharing, George is committed to making stakeholders, people, organizations, and the world a better place to understand, live, and flourish in small to dynamic organizations.

George has several college degrees: Doctorate of Business Administration, Master of Science in Quality Systems Management, Master of Science in Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Science in Management/Health Care, and Associates of Science in Management.

Industries Specialized in

  • Non-Profits and Academia
  • HR and Human Capital Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Small Business
  • Small to Large Size Organizations

Services Provided:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Quality Process Improvement
  • Organization Development Analysis and Improvement
  • Personal Formations and Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Improvement
  • Leadership/Management Development
  • HR and Human Capital Management

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Contact Information:

8235 Equinox Lane
Fairburn, GA 30213 (Metro Atlanta)

[email protected] or [email protected]

Phone: 706.566.0139

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