Mike Klausmeier

Mike has a passion for the practical Gospel and endeavors to help his clients see how a daily existence with Christ brings those he trains to be free of fear and doubt in every aspect of their lives and free to live joyfully and expectantly. 

As a Certified LifeThrive Professional, he brings tools that unlock the practicality of the Gospel.  Behaviors and Motivators contribute to our self-awareness. 

The Spiritual Gift assessment gives us clarity into the gifts God has given us to share with others.  By combining these assessment results, he helps reveal our true core values and our created purpose.  The Trust assessment provides insight into our current level of humility.

He continually strives to make the Gospel both practical and powerful.  Degrees in Biophysics and Engineering have helped him identify practical solutions. Five semesters of Greek have helped me reduce my personal biases as I interpret God’s truth. 

Over fifteen years of business ownership has given me great insight into providing valuable service to both Faith-Based and business organizations who practice Christian Principles in the workplace.

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