Sandra Williams

Published Author Sandra Williams is a certified trainer, motivational speaker, professional optimizer, businesswoman, Success Developer, and author of a series of books & MySuccess Journals called “MISSION: I’M POSSIBLE II”. ?

She was born in Haiti in 1979 and lives in Jacksonville, FL since 1982.

Her proven super simple success formula works when you work it.


❤️?? #MomPreneur #LifeThriver #SuccessStrategist #NeuroCoach

Honor and Legacy are what drives her to be obsessed with her clients’ success.

She co-founded a 501c3 called for community development and is the CEO of for professional development.

?Both inspire people to press past their comfort zone to take their success and bliss to the next level.

??She speaks not just to encourage, but to also train and transform individuals to bring a higher positive perspective into any situation.

?You will find her not only interesting but entertaining. She is authentically upbeat, fun, and organically energetic. Her enthusiasm is contagious and sincere.

?Sandra customizes and creates the ultimate success development system that ignites bliss through using core values like; honoring one another. She strongly believes in connecting the best of polar opposites together to complement, complete, and birth something greater than its individual state.

?She started her public speaking quest during her freshman year at the University of North Florida at her first CommUNITY FESTival.  Since then she has launched many organizations to their next level of success.

?Her compassionate heart is for the core age of 18-29-year-olds but her clients vary in age and season.  Her content is liberating and Biblically-based.

  • Practical / Relevant / Compelling
  • Integrity-driven yet Transformational
  • Results / Outcomes oriented

?Her background in corporate America as being one of the top internet sales managers for major luxury vehicle brands.

?Sandra founded 501c3 called She is the current CEO of




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