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LifeThrive Assessments are used in over 120 countries 

LifeThrive assessments are scientifically validated by norms for each country and used globally. 

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LifeThrive Proprietary Assessments

LifeThrive's  battery of scientific assessments will guide you and your organization in focusing on the critical objectives unique to your organization's culture and its employees' skill sets.

LifeThrive’s 360 Analysis is an assessment taken anonymously by a select group of employees to appraise an individual and performance within their role. Price: $249

360-degree Assessment

LifeThrive’s Coachability assessment will help you quickly discover to the degree you are coachable and areas to accelerate your growth and development (plus a 14-page report). Price: $59

Coachability Assessment

LifeThrive’s Job Analysis system was developed to assess multiple dimensions of an individual which will allow them to successfully complete a role with minimal stress. Price: $249

Job Analysis Assessment

The Response to Conflict Assessment Identifies the mental track of primary, secondary, and tertiary responses based on an individual’s behaviors, mindsets, and motivations. Price: $49

Response to Conflict Assessment

The Trustworthiness Index Assessment will provide you with which aspects of your behaviors, mindsets, and motivations impact others’ ability to trust. Price: $49

Trustworthiness Index

Other assessments we offer

LLifeThrive has partnered with key partners to offer additional assessments to guide you and your organization in focusing on the critical objectives unique to your organization's culture and its employees' skill sets.

Access to the comprehensive Habit Story assessment. Measure habits, response pattern, and emotional state Measure habits, response pattern, and emotional state. Price: $349

Habit Story

DISC is one of the longest-running and most widely used behavioral assessments in the market today. It identifies observable behavioral/genetic traits that impact how a person communicates and responds.

TTI Success Insights DISC

Motivators and 12 Driving forces are critical to understanding how people prioritize their approach to work and life choices. This motivation is deeply influenced by the culture in which a person grew up or ascribed.

TTI Success Insights Motivators & Driving Forces

TTI Talent Insights provide a more In-Depth look at the individual by identifying their genetic behaviors and cultural motivators.

TTI Talent Insights

TriMetrix ACI combines DISC (either motivators or) Driving Forces and the Hartman Profile to provide an in-depth look into the Behaviors, Mindsets, and Value Perspective.

TTI TriMetrix ACI

TriMetrix DNA combines DISC, (either Motivators or) Driving Forces and a comprehensive assessment of 25 critical business skills individuals bring to the workplace.

TTI TriMetrix DNA