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Discover the transformative power of LifeThrive's premium assessments. Our comprehensive battery of scientific assessments provides invaluable guidance and insights tailored specifically to your organization's culture and your employees' unique skill sets. Gain a deeper understanding of your team's strengths, development areas, and potential, empowering you to drive meaningful growth and success. With LifeThrive's paid assessments, unlock the keys to unlocking your organization's full potential.



LifeThrive’s 360 Analysis is an assessment taken anonymously by a select group of employees to appraise an individual and performance within their role. Price: $249

Job Analysis Assessment

The LifeThrive’s Job analysis identifies the Key Performance Indicators needed for an employee to be successful with the mental processes of any job role. Price: $249

Habit Story

The quality of motivation questionnaire (QMQ) can identify employee motivation and drive them to success. The Habit Story is the world’s most validated and in-depth motivational assessment. Price: $349

Coachability Assessment

LifeThrive’s assessments will help you unlock your potential and provide a path to a personal development plan you can use. Price: $59

Response To Conflict  Assessment

The Response to Conflict report identifies the mental track of primary, secondary and tertiary responses based on an individual's behaviors, mindsets, and motivations. Price: $49

Trustworthiness Index

The Trust Building Assessment will provide you with which aspects of your behaviors, mindsets, and motivations impact others' ability to trust. Price: $49

LifeThrive Cultural Preformance Index

LifeThrive's Cultural Preformance Index measures various aspects of employee engagement, such as advancement, pay & benefits, training and development opportunities, and work environment.

Popular Validated Assessments


DISC is one of the longest-running and most widely used behavioral assessments in the market today. It identifies observable behavioral/genetic traits that impact how a person communicates and responds. Price: $119

TTI Motivators 

Motivators and 12 Driving forces are critical to understanding how they prioritize how they approach their work and life choices. This motivation is deeply influenced by the culture in which a person grew up or ascribed. Price: $119

TTI Talent Insights

TTI Talent Insights provide a more In-Depth look at the individual by identifying their genetic behaviors and cultural motivators. Price: $159

TTI TriMetrix ACI

TriMetrix ACI combines DISC (either motivators or) Driving Forces and the Hartman Profile to provide an in-depth look into the Behaviors, Mindsets, and Value Perspective. Price: $249

TTI TriMetrix DNA

TriMetrix DNA combines DISC, (either Motivators or) Driving Forces and a comprehensive assessment of 25 critical business skills individuals bring to the workplace. Price: $279

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