Personal Formation

Personal Formation helps employees identify and apply their purpose and passion with a plan to be more successful.

This training provides the foundation for building Emotional Intelligence because it helps employees develop self-awareness.

Self-awareness provides the basis for developing an accurate approach to personal development, which cannot occur if you are making an inaccurate estimation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Development is not limited to self-help but involves formal and informal activities that aim at developing individuals to reach their highest level of capacity.

With LifeThrive Personal Formation training, we help your people:

  • Know their uniqueness from others
  • Understand their capacities
  • Learn to use motivational sources and skills
  • Learn approaches to leverage their strengths and minimize their weaknesses
  • Work on what will help them answer their life's purpose
  • Clarify where their "depth" lies and how to apply it to their highest ability

*LifeThrive also offers a certification process for consultants and in-house personnel/organizational development professionals.

Personal Formation's Impact on Personal & Professional Development

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Personal Formation: Intentional Growth & Development  Book

By investing in yourself a little each day, you can establish a strong foundation for building your emotional intelligence. 

The Formations process removes the guesswork while guiding the participant through each stage of this workbook and Formations Program. You will be able to determine your unique pathway to building credibility and trust as well as relationships that last. Each step of the process points you to the best strategy for YOUR personality.

This book accompanies the Personal Formations training sessions. Before buying this book, you will want to complete the TriMetrix assessment so your scores can guide you through the learning process. If you choose independent or web-based studies, it is best to read the manual so the sessions will cement the learning processes.

What our clients are saying

“More than I ever believed possible”


I had the opportunity to attend a LifeThrive training session and they are fantastic. The Personal formations present a simple straight forward process for getting and keeping more of what you want out of your personal and professional life. I feel I can do more than I ever believed possible.

Patty Anderson (Manager, Access Communications)

“Helped me understand many layers of my personality”


I have worked with Angie over the past few years to unpack my LifeThrive assessment in various ways, using Angie's expertise and the many tools she has developed. Angie's passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for LifeThrive have helped me unravel many layers of my personality, behaviors, and motivators, supporting me in fully understanding who I am, personally, spiritually, and professionally.

It has been a hugely impactful experience and left me hungry to learn more; not just from a personal perspective but in understanding and loving others better. It is also a tool I now use in my workplace which has helped me to both build a strong team and keep the team working strong.

I can guarantee you will not regret one moment of your experience with Angie as her gifts, talents, and knowledge will similarly unravel layers of you that you have not unraveled before.

Anna Harvey (Partner, Employment Lawyer. Price Bailey LLP.)

“Invaluable part of my personal and professional life”


Personal Formation has been and continues to be an invaluable part of my personal and professional life. In my 15 years in business, the hugely successful people I have encountered all have pursued greater self-awareness.

The Personal Formation process leads to greater self-awareness. Doing this, combined with the Trust assessment, provides excellent insight into whether a person is teachable.

Those who are self-aware and teachable make the best clients, the greatest advisors, and fabulous friends. Pursuing the process increases the value of the coach and the participant.

Mike Klausmeier (President, RREDOX Consulting)

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