Profit Through Your People

How the Human Factor Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Has your organization hit the wall? Have you tried everything to get your team to the next level? 

International educator and consultant Chuck Coker shows why companies must rely on data they have never used before to be profitable in today's competitive corporate environment.

Profit Through Your People shows you how to gather, use, and apply statistically proven and relevant human data to help your company be more successful, and your people become more personally fulfilled.

Dr. Coker shares his validated research from both corporate and educational communities to illustrate how multivariate assessment data can immediately impact the company and its people.

Leaders and managers get a solid foundation for making statistically appropriate decisions in hiring, on-boarding, developing and promoting employees, and impacting the bottom line.

This approach is proven to increase both corporate and individual effectiveness.  218 Pages (PDF format). 

Hire the right people

Attract the right team members to your organization

Apply the "H" Factor Data

Use human data assessments for performance improvement

Avoid hiring mistakes

Apply competence/character capacity/chemistry

Increase your profits

Maximizing opportunities and success through your team

What readers are saying  

Radically increase your personal and corporate effectiveness

The recruitment and management of personnel have tended to rely too heavily on intuition. In today's pressurized and complex workplaces, more sophisticated tools are required. These need to be based not only on hard data but also on relevant data that most companies fail to collect. Chuck Coker has spent years analyzing such data and has a proven track record in using that analysis to build effective teams. This book distills the knowledge and wisdom he has accumulated in the process and has the potential to increase your personal and corporate effectiveness radically.

I hit the trifecta—all three in one book!

I've read countless books to learn more about the delicate relationship between management, leadership, and business success. I find great value in new information, concept validation, and practical application. In Chuck Coker's Profit Through Your People, I hit the trifecta—all three in one book! The human science behind performance assessments taught me something new. Revealing "H" Factor statistics provided an insightful concept review. And the "competence/character, capacity/chemistry" discussion told me what I need to do. Like me, if you are committed to maximizing opportunities and success, encourage you to buy and read this book.

Get people doing their very best work

In Profit Through Your People, Chuck Coker presents a compelling case that giving proper attention to the human factor in business has everything to do with organizational outcomes. Using case studies and easily relatable examples, this book shows leaders, in accessible terms and clear detail, how to get the business results they need by capitalizing on the power of people doing their very best work.

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