Quality of Motivation Questionnaire (QMQ)

Discover the Key Attributes for Peak Performance

LifeThrive is the exclusive distributor of the world's most validated and in-depth motivational assessment. Doctors Coker, Martin, and Inglish and Charles Pitts from the Balfour Company launched the Balfour Motivational Research Institute using the QMQ to identify employee motivation and drive them to success. The QMQ answers questions NO OTHER assessment will answer about employee motivation and success, such as:

  • How deep and comprehensive are the assessee's motivations, both physically and mentally?
  • Does their present environment help or hinder their present state, personally and professionally?
  • How will their intensity impact the way they express themselves at work and play?
  • How decisive, persistent, and open are they to change?
  • What aspects of their physical and mental nature will contribute to their success or failure in life?

This assessment gets used to help develop a fast track for the growth and development of critical employees. It also ensures that merger and acquisition employees are placed correctly, building executive teams, and coaching/counseling employees with specific needs that they may be struggling with in certain areas.

LifeThrive Assessments are used in over 100 countries

LifeThrive's free assessments are currently used in over 100 countries and scientifically validated by norms. Please read our privacy policy.

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