Quality of Motivation Safety Index (QOMSI)

Reduce Accidents, Lower Your Insurance Premiums, and Improve Organizational Profitability

Reducing accidents, improving profitability, and creating a safer work environment are paramount concerns for organizations. At LifeThrive, we have the answer you've been searching for. With over two decades of research led by Dr. Coker and the late Dr. Chris Martin, sponsored by an international insurance carrier, we have identified the 12 critical people factors that serve as the root cause of accidents across various industries.

While OSHA has made significant strides in promoting workplace safety, their focus primarily revolves around environmental factors. However, accidents occur due to human behavior and not just environmental conditions. That's where our groundbreaking tool, the Quality of Motivation Safety Index (QOMSI), comes in.

The QOMSI assessment empowers you to identify employees at risk and take proactive measures to prevent accidents before they happen. By uncovering the 12 people factors that contribute to accidents, you can effectively mitigate risks, improve safety protocols, and potentially save lives within your organization.

Don't rely solely on environmental safety measures—address the human element that plays a crucial role in workplace accidents. Invest in the QOMSI assessment and gain valuable insights that will transform your approach to safety. Together, let's create a safer, more productive, and thriving work environment for all.

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