Quick Solutions for your Business – Trust Scenario Three

In this series, LifeThrive shares with you tips and tactics to help you succeed in work and play. Come along and see how the Trustworthiness Index helped “Amir” work better with his employees.

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Video Transcript

John Gershay 

Welcome! Today we’re going to share our third example of trust issues within a client’s organization so you can gain from their experience. When this gentleman has struggled to engage his employees, he called us. Here’s the scenario, Emir took over quality control of a local company, and use data analysis to quickly identify areas for each one of the team members to improve the quality of their services, both internally and externally. This led to an increase in client acquisition, a good thing. However, the team members contacted Amir’s boss complaining about how he was not living up to several promise changes within the team. His response to Emir was that new customers increased the workload, there was also just a lack of any viable candidates to bring along. Chuck, what did you do with that?

Dr. Chuck Coker 

John, in Emir’s trust assessment, illustrated that he was low in predictability. In other words, the people on his team never knew whether he was going to do what he promised. After meeting with Emir, we developed a smart plan that set aside times for employee engagement on a regular basis. Those times were set aside to help him identify which of his team members really needed help in specific areas. Within months, his understanding of each team member and his or her needs allowed him to address the issues that more expeditiously helped him find solutions before they became a problem. Knowing a team member’s level of trustworthiness and their weaknesses will help your insight to form deeper relationships. You can identify your levels of trustworthiness at no cost at the address listed in this video. We hope you’ll take advantage of our research and see how you can build strong lasting relationships at work and play.

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About the author 

Chuck Coker

For more than 30 years, Chuck has focused his career on people's development. He has implemented proprietary Personal Formation, Human Capital, Talent Management, and incentive-based programs across a broad scope of Fortune Companies, regional organizations, and educational institutions.


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