Quick Solutions for Your Business – Trust Scenario Two

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John Gershay 

Welcome. Today we’re going to share our second example of trust issues within a client’s organization so you can gain from his experience. When he struggled to engage his employees, he called us. Here’s a scenario. A former client of yours, Chuck, called and explained that he had just recently taken over a new company as CEO. His previous company was actually owned and operated by a friend of his, yet despite doubling sales by him and his entire team, they had all been fired. So, your friend asked you, now that he was CEO of a company starting all over again, how does he avoid that situation with his own company?

Dr. Chuck Coker 

John, anytime an organization hires a CEO, it must be careful, as the average tenure in 2021 was only four and a half years, with almost half of the firings due to a lack of truthfulness in one or more stages of the hiring process. Personality tests simply cannot predict trustworthiness. In our example, this former CEO lacked three critical skills, transparency, predictability, and empowerment. By being ambiguous about his objectives, manipulating circumstances to meet his own personal needs, and preventing his team from playing a role in critical decisions, he put everybody’s job in jeopardy. Knowing a team member’s level of trustworthiness and their weaknesses will help your insight into forming deeper relationships. You can identify your levels of trustworthiness at no cost at the address listed in this video. We hope you’ll take advantage of our research and see how you can build strong, lasting relationships at work and play.

About the author 

Chuck Coker

For more than 30 years, Chuck has focused his career on people's development. He has implemented proprietary Personal Formation, Human Capital, Talent Management, and incentive-based programs across a broad scope of Fortune Companies, regional organizations, and educational institutions.


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