Real World Applications

Unless programs and processes are easy to understand, follow and implement, they are not worth your company’s investment. Additionally, those programs must address the uniqueness of your people, continuity of concepts that build on one another and affiliation with your corporate culture so there is collaboration rather than role confusion. Employee engagement will only occur when each person’s uniqueness defines how they contribute to the company’s, as well as their own personal success. To ensure that occurs each phase of the employee life-cycle must be addressed.



Hiring Phase 

  • Data driven benchmarks must be established for the job prior to interviews
  • An interviewing process based on the benchmarks will determine the questions
  • Selection will be based on data matches and cultural fit

Developmental Phase

  • Onboarding Program that identifies career path within the corporate culture
  • Personal Formation to establish their unique impact on the organization
  • Personal Development that ties ownership to both personal and professional success
  • Personal Improvement that addresses and eliminates “roadblocks” to achieving objectives
  • Performance Appraisal that is collaboratively established for ownership and effectiveness

Retention Phase

  • Career Paths and promotional track that builds personal can corporate capacity
  • Retention and Rewards system that incentivize tenure and collaboration
  • Retirement timing that meets and fulfils expectations on both sides

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