Response to Conflict Course

Conflict alone is negative. This course is about turning something negative into something positive that can propel you and your team members to excellence.

Training available in ½ and full-day courses.

Response to Conflict Assessment

LifeThrive's Response to Conflict will help you and your team members identify how to reduce roadblocks and achieve the best results. 

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This book accompanies the Conflict training course. You will want to complete the LifeThrive Response to Conflict Assessment so your scores can guide you through the learning process. If you choose independent or web-based studies, it is best to read the manual to cement the learning processes.

Regardless of your organization's size, success is most often about how well you use and apply the human resources available to you. While the diversity of personality, knowledge, and skills is critical to success, it can create division if not handled properly.

This book/course will help you build your ability to turn the negative into the positive by providing you with a personal plan to become a better leader and manager of your resources. You'll quickly identify how you can maximize your organization's potential: 32 Pages, 2nd edition.

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