Retention Phase Services

It’s estimated that the cost of employee turnover is about 150% of an employee’s annual compensation figure. For managerial and sales positions, this figure can easily stretch to 250%. For example, if the average salary at your company is $50,000 per year and turnover costing at least 150 percent of salary, the cost of losing just one employee is about $75,000. For mid-size companies of about 1,000 employees, experiencing a 10 percent annual rate of turnover, that’s an annual loss of a staggering $7.5 million!

Let us show you how to capture that loss and put it back on the revenue side, regardless of how large that figure is for your particular business and its circumstances.


Promotion Fits/Misfits  

This four session (2 – 3 hours each) program utilizes managerial and case study data to guide the leader through the process of identifying, selecting and promoting eligible employees, based on their “H Factor” data. The sessions include:

  • How to identify what is positive and negative “H Factor” data
  • Calculating the impact on departmental and corporate culture
  • Case Studies analysis
  • Manager’s Submission Studies

Coaching AND Mentoring for improved retention 

This three session (2 hours each) program helps the leader/manager understand and apply standardized approaches to what employees interpret as an individualized career development process. The sessions are:

  • When and how to apply coaching techniques in leading your employees.
  • When and how to apply mentoring programs to established, career minded employees.
  • How to differentiate and apply both techniques with your management/leadership style.

Retirement Timing 

This single (3 hour) session helps the leader manager predetermine and prepare for an employee’s personal approach to “exiting” the organization. The program addresses:

  • Behavioral, mindset and motivational impact on an employee’s life-cycle.
  • Predicting the “wear and tear.”
  • Transition approaches
  • Smoothing the transition and making it meaningful based on data

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