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Safety is much more than making sure the environment is safe. Accidents happen to people, not workplaces. That's why you must go beyond ensuring a "safe environment" to identify and remove the personality characteristics that cause accidents.

The LifeThrive Safety Improvement Process Steps include awareness, benchmarking, risk identification, improvement steps, and measurement.

This full 5 phase program identifies the specific needs and challenges faced by the client organization.

Five Phase Safety Improvement Process


Do an on-site visit to align corporate and LifeThrive interpretation of risk levels of environments and individuals.


Employees assessed with data evaluated with safety records/logs. A comparative analysis conducted with Safety study for the uniqueness that may influence motivational traits impacting risk.


LifeThrive and Organizational team determine which employees will receive intervention training (counterproductive habit removal) verses potential reclassification. Training and certification begin with the first group of employees, while Safety managers complete certification through theory and real-life application.


In-house Safety managers identify productive habit reinforcement training on an individual or group basis. This program is integrated with a healthy environmental safety/risk program.


Measurement data is continually updated, and benchmarks modified on an annual basis to ensure intervention meets risk.

Safety Improvement Resources

Get the Safe & Repeat Incident Employee Study

Discover why employees with certain motivational habits are safer than repeat offenders.

Quality of Motivation Safety Index (QOMSI) Assessment

The Quality of Motivation Safety Index (QOMSI) will help you identify at-risk employees and may even SAVE THEIR LIFE! You can now identify the 12 people factors that are the source of accidents and mitigate risk.

What our clients are saying

The results were impressive

Today as our third project draws to a close, I must comment on your intervention process and results that are producing a safer working environment and culture in a chemical company. You isolated the 'unsafe working behaviors' of a trucking company's employees and introduced the appropriate techniques to make them flourish safely. The results in each case were impressive.

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