Scientifically Proven Metrics

Years of carefully collected data has identified the appropriate human data necessary to attain specialized results for an individual or group. LifeThrive’s exclusive battery of scientific assessments will guide you and your organization in focusing on the critical objectives unique to your organization’s culture and its employees’ skill sets. Other approaches are often one-size-fits-all or quick fixes because they lack the depth and knowledge base necessary to offer you a scientifically proven strategy for improving your human capital. Without a science-based approach, your opportunity for increased production and success is greatly limited. Genetic Personality traits help with the type of work. Here are some behavioral metrics used to benchmark as well as measure an individual’s capacity to perform:

  • Data Analysis
  • Organized Workplace
  • Following Policy
  • Urgency
  • Follow Up and Follow Through
  • Consistency
  • Versatility
  • Customer Relations
  • Frequent Interaction with Others
  • Competitiveness
  • People Orientation
  • Frequency of Change

Educational and Cultural traits provide insight for Organizational/Cultural fits. Mindset Metrics are used to ensure there is a reason for them to be engaged with your organization:

  • Objectivity in (1) Theory and approach as well as (2) Efficiency and ROI
  • Subjectivity in (1) Ideals and Environment as well as (2) Impact on people and their objectives
  • Beliefs in (1) their roles, self-image and strategic capacity as well as (2) their world view

Measurable motivational traits provide an unprecedented capacity for PREDICTING success based on how mental rewards are achieved.

The Power patterns they have formed to:

  • Enhance their lives with fun, pleasure, fame, achievement and/or business success
  • Accept personal responsibility and to meet a variety of needs compared to other people
  • Respond with a level of sophistication and ability to anticipate risk and make sound decisions.
  • Resolve the painful, stressful or problematic issues of life that bring order from chaos.

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