Spiritual Formations Workbook

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Find Your Place in the Body of Christ

The Spiritual Formations Workbook helps believers know more about how they are created and equipped for personal service in God's Kingdom.

When most believers get asked about their purpose in life, they answer: "To glorify God." That's a terrific answer!

However, to each unique individual, that purpose is fulfilled differently. No two people can answer that question concerning their calling in the same way.

In this workbook, Dr. Coker helps you discover how your genetics, cultural background, and Spiritual Gifts provide you with a roadmap to fulfilling that purpose, both personally and spiritually. 

You get a step-by-step process to define the exact path to YOUR position in the Body of Christ. You will experience more joy and fulfill your calling in life as you navigate and implement the course in this 42-page printable workbook (PDF format).

Stop the comparison trap

Eliminate a need to compare themselves to other

Know your gifts 

Identify key traits and attributes that exist for engaging and serving other people

Get clarity 

Clarify their spiritual gifting for serving the Body of Christ

Identify your purpose

Established the groundwork for identifying their
purpose in life.

What our clients are saying  

Life-changing for my team and me

The spiritual/Personal Formations course was life-changing for my team and me. It helped to reveal who I was and reinforced my confidence in who God created me to be. Taking our team through this material was one of the best investments I could have made in each of them. Many didn’t know what their giftings were and this helped to shed light on the potential that they had within them. It allowed each individual to become healthier and willing to work in their areas of giftedness.

It helped me as a leader to move each person to areas of responsibility that would allow them to work in their areas of strength. Going through this course helped my team to become a better version of themselves.

The best part of the course was Chuck Coker. Chuck is so knowledgeable about this material and has such an incredible heart for people that it makes this course a must for anyone looking to reach their God-given potential and build healthy teams.

Played a large part

LifeThrive has played a large part within our staff development, training strategy and with new members of the congregation ensuring they are placed in the most profitable ministry area for them and the church. We readily endorse the LifeThrive program.

We are all in

We are 'all-in' when it comes to Dr. Coker and LifeThrive's Formation's process and the development it has fueled with our staff.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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Take these Free assessments for the Spiritual Formations Workbook

This manual requires you complete the free Behavior/Values and Spiritual Gifts assessments below. You will also get a personalized writeup at the end of each assessment.  

Behavior and Values Assessment

The beginning of improving your emotional intelligence starts with a self-awareness of how you impact other people. Once your awareness has peaked, your ability to adapt takes quantum steps along with your resiliency.

LifeThrive's assessment will help you unlock your potential and provide a path to a personal development plan you can use. This free assessment will help you know:

  • How you project yourself to others
  • Specific areas in which you have strengths
  • How you currently prioritize life decisions
  • Areas for your focus
  • How your beliefs, as well as objective and subjective mindsets, impact your life.?

Spiritual Gifts Assessment 

Finding your purpose in life is directly correlated to understanding, accepting, and appreciating yourself as a unique creation. Meaning can only get achieved when we understand how we are gifted and how those gifts can impact your capabilities, direction, and confidence.

LifeThrive's Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you understand how God has gifted you for service to others so you can focus your attention on your calling. 

This free assessment will help you determine:

  • The depth and strength of how you care for others
  • The ability and capacity for getting things done that are critical to Kingdom effectiveness and efficiency
  • Your ability to understand deep and meaningful concepts that impact yourself and others
  • How strong or insightful you are at determining what you are facing and what must get done

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