​​​​Spiritual Formations

LifeThrive's Spiritual Formations curriculum is a unique approach to understanding how believers are created and equipped by God for personal service in God's Kingdom.

Who can benefit from Spiritual Formations?

  • Believers who have not yet found a "place" of service within a ministry.
  • New members in a congregation/ministry
  • New believers

The Problem:

People often jump into ministries because they get asked, not because it is their calling or gifting.

A recent Christianity Today article noted that turnover is a significant issue with some churches turning over 70% in 3 to 5 years.

A study conducted by Fuller Theological illustrates that between 30 to 40% of seminary graduates leave the ministry in approximately five years

The Solution:

The most critical factor ANY believer must understand is their uniqueness before God. This will help:

  • Eliminate a need to compare themselves to others
  • Identify key traits and attributes that exist for engaging and serving other people
  • Clarify their spiritual gifting for serving the Body of Christ
Established the groundwork for identifying their purpose in life.  

In the past, the Spiritual Formations content has been delivered in person by a LifeThrive trainer through one-day seminars or three 2-hour weekly group sessions. Also, a few local pastors have been trained and certified to provide the materials in live regional settings.

Our goal is to make the content more accessible to believers everywhere by converting the material to on-demand electronic video delivery. This will allow us to scale and exponentially expand our reach while drastically reducing the cost of content delivery.

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We are 'all-in' when it comes to Dr. Coker and LifeThrive's Formation's process and the development it has fueled with our staff.

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LifeThrive has played a large part within our staff development, training strategy and with new members of the congregation ensuring they are placed in the most profitable ministry area for them and the church. We readily endorse the LifeThrive program.

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