Spiritual Gifts Assessment

The LifeThrive Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you understand how God has gifted you for service to others to focus your attention on your calling.

In addition to explaining each gift and the role it plays in the Body of Christ, the assessment details "clusters" of gifting into four categories and insights as to whether the gifting is more an outgrowth of the Behaviors and Mindsets God apportioned to you or more supernatural.

This free assessment will help you determine:

  • The depth and strength of how you care for others
  • The ability and capacity for getting things done that are critical to Kingdom effectiveness and efficiency
  • Your ability to understand deep and meaningful concepts that impact yourself and others
  • How strong or insightful you are at determining what you are facing and what must get done

We created this assessment to be the most thorough and insightful Spiritual Gifts inventory today used internationally in over 100 countries. When used in conjunction with the Free Behavior & Values Assessment, you have all you need to identify God's purpose and direction in your life through the Spiritual Formations Course. All individual scores get compared to national norms.

LifeThrive Assessments are used in over 100 countries 

LifeThrive assessments are scientifically validated by norms for each country and used globally. 

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