Know your gifts and fulfill your calling

Learn how to live a more fulfilled life that fits your gifts and calling… even if you feel unsure or have failed before!

Find Your Place in the Body of Christ

The Problem:

People often jump into ministries because they get asked, not because it is their calling or gifting.

This can lead to confusion and striving rather than working from rest.

A recent Christianity Today article noted that turnover is a significant issue with some churches turning over 70% in 3 to 5 years.

A study conducted by Fuller Theological illustrates that between 30 to 40% of seminary graduates leave the ministry in approximately five years

The solution:

The most critical factor ANY believer must understand is their uniqueness before God. This will help:

  • Eliminate a need to compare themselves to others
  • Identify key traits and attributes that exist for engaging and serving other people
  • Clarify their spiritual gifting for the Body of Christ
  • Established the groundwork for identifying their purpose in life

The Spiritual Formations Course

LifeThrive's Spiritual Formations Course helps believers know more about how they are created and equipped for personal service in God's Kingdom.

Who can benefit from Spiritual Formations?

  • Believers who have not yet found a "place" of service within a ministry.
  • New members in a congregation/ministry
  • New believers

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you sign up, you’ll get access to 27 video lessons, the Spiritual Formations Workbook (44 page PDF), Spiritual Gifts and Behavioral assessments to better know your gifting, behaviors, and values.

You will also get updates to access bonus lessons, course updates, and content exclusively only for students and clients of LifeThrive. 

Clarity for New Believers

Identify why God has you where you are now and why he has gifted you the way He has, so you can quickly discover your place in the Body of Christ.

Answer questions you have about your present state in life

Quickly put together the puzzle pieces of how your Genetics, Culture, and gifting have brought you to where you are and how each aspect prepares you for greatness in His Kingdom.

Get a direction in the Joy of Serving The Kingdom

Most often, believers get plugged into service based on a ministry's needs, not their gifting. On course completion, you will know immediately how your uniqueness has prepared you for service and the joy, blessings, and rewards that accompany that service.

Leave positive
impressions that last

Even after years of faithfulness, you may be asking: "What's next?" You'll be able to decipher the difference between "doing something good" and "doing the right thing" based on your purpose in the Kingdom. It's ok to say NO, even if it's something good – especially if it's not the right thing.

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What’s in the Spiritual Formations Course

Virtually every believer I have ever met has questions about their purpose, why they are where they are in life, and why it seems complicated to answer the question: "What does God want me to do with my life?" Spiritual Formations will help you answer that question in less time than you can imagine. Here's how you will walk through this course and find your answers:


Module 1: Uncovering your reason for being

In this section, you learn about God’s reasoning for creating you for “Such a time as this.” You’ll discover multiple secrets from the scripture that will uncover your uniqueness, reason, and purpose for being created.


Module 2: Know your personality to guide your path

You will identify the genetic traits God instilled to ensure your natural personality would groom you for both learning and success. Sanctification is not an easy process, but by understanding your unique genetic code, you can organize and direct your future path.


Module 3: How life set your priorities to build the Kingdom

Ever wonder why you got placed in your family, city, state, and culture? The cultural dimensions can either modify or enhance your genetics. God knew in his plan what people, circumstances, and “tweaking” you would need to help build His Kingdom. You’ll discover how your culture has inbred priorities that impact your responses perfectly for His needs!


Module 4: Maximizing your unique Spiritual Gifts, genetics, and cultural learning

You will discover how Christ assigned gifting to you that compliments your natural genetics and cultural learning. THEN He supernaturally infused you with whatever else you needed to become mature spiritually. You'll grasp how He blended all three aspects for your present and eternal role, AND it's so cool to see how this fosters your uniqueness.


Module 5: Applying your unique gifts to guide your role and path

All you must do is take what you have learned in the previous four sections and “fill in the blanks.” We’ve provided you with hundreds of examples of how your assessment results will direct you to specific roles both now and eternally. It would be best to look for the consistencies from each of the three areas measured.

Now, it’s time for you to fulfill your purpose because NOW you have a clear direction.

You will also get the following

Bonus 1

Spiritual Formations Workbook

The Spiritual Formations Workbook gives you a step-by-step process to define the exact path to YOUR position in the Body of Christ.

This 42-page workbook (printable PDF format) will help you get the most from the course.

Bonus 2

Lifetime Access: Retake the Spiritual Formations Course again and again, for free

The process of spiritual formation and using your gifts is ongoing.

That's why as long as the course is in existence, you can retake the program year after year at no additional charge.

Bonus 3

Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment & Access Exclusive Content

The LifeThrive Spiritual Gifts Assessment will help you understand how God has gifted you for service to others to focus your attention on your calling.

Meet Your Instructor

About Dr. Chuck Coker

For more than 30 years, Chuck has focused his career on people's development. He has implemented proprietary Personal Formation,
Human Capital, Talent Management, and incentive-based programs across a broad scope of Churches, Fortune Companies, regional organizations, and educational institutions.

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Now, it’s time for you to fulfill your purpose using your unique gifts

LifeThrive's Spiritual Formations curriculum is a unique approach to understanding how you are created and equipped by God for personal service in God's Kingdom.

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If you don’t like the Mindsets/Motivators Course for any reason, if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment or even if you want your money back for no reason at all, we’ve got you covered. Buy today, and you can ask for a refund anytime within the next 30 days. Our support team will process your refund, no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place we can ask questions?

Yes! In the course, there's a comment area which allows you to ask questions and get answers from Chuck and the other members of the course.

Will this course work for me?

No course can work 100% of the time for everyone. So if you buy this course and don't feel it's working for you, request a refund anytime within the first 30-days. Our support team will process your refund, no questions asked.

Why are you charging for this course?

We priced this course to reach the maximum number of people and continue to support it's ongoing development. There has been tremendous effort invested to build the online assessments, workbook and course development.

How hard will I need to work in this course?

This course is self-guided, but you’re not alone. You can follow this course at your own pace. Ideally, we want you to complete this course as quickly as possible to improve your chances of
getting the direction you want. You’re going to have access to community and me of peers who are taking this course with you for motivation.

Basic Course

Get access to the online course

$ 39.95

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Enhanced Course

Get access to the online course + coaching

$ 99.95

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules and 3 number of bonuses
  • 30-minute private coaching call

Note from Chuck

For more than 30 years, I've focused my career on people's development. My passion is helping individuals and organizations grow.
I'm looking forward to supporting your journey!
Talk soon,

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