Strategically Manage Your Human Capital

The best decisions are based on objective information! That’s why organizational management worldwide relies on data, metrics and measurement in almost every area of business – planning, finance, marketing, production, etc.

Ironically, one area that most businesses don’t measure effectively is the H-Factor, the human factor. Consider this:

  • In most organizations, people are our single biggest expense category (payroll, benefits, etc.). If we are investing so much in people, shouldn’t we optimize this?
  • Our people are absolutely essential to our value creation – Managers commonly refer to their people as, “our single greatest asset.”
  • Our research with over 1600 corporate executives shows that statistically 75% of our “Greatest Challenges” are people challenges.

Yet when it comes to hiring, developing and managing people most companies don’t have a clear road map – they don’t have the data!

We can help! Better than a roadmap our solutions are like having a GPS. We use objective data driven solutions to help you with every part of your employee life cycle: acquisition, development and retention.


Research by the Harvard Business Review shows that companies that invest in talent management outperform their competition across every measure of business, including: earnings per share, gross profit margin, and market capitalization per employee.

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