May 19

The importance of engaged employees — a testimonial

By Chuck Coker

Human behavior, while generally predictable (with good human data), cannot be insured. That is why human factor science is so critical to your organization’s success. Every employee must be committed to your company’s agenda, goals, mission and vision. To start the process properly you must begin with your job ads; the way you advertise, source, recruit, and hire new talent. Just as an employer wants to attract, retain and develop the best talent possible; employees want to work for the best company available. The job ad is one of the first indicators of a company’s organizational culture. If the job description and ad is boring, bland and uninspired, guess what kind of talent do you think you’re going to attract?

Unfortunately most of us have worked for more bad companies and leaders than good ones. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witness employees quit either during training or immediately afterwards because they felt the company misled them during the interview process. The job, the employees, and culture were totally different than the opportunity that was sold in the screening process.

It’s not hard for new employees to get a feel for the culture. The behavior of your current employees, the type of welcome they receive, the technology that you use and the essential job duties, all indicate the type of company you are and if your employees are excited to work for you. Disengaged employees are like bloodthirsty zombies, and they can suck the life’s blood right out of your new employees.

Finally, it’s important to remember that every communication, correspondence and press release is a reflection of your corporate culture. Your DNA comes through on your digital footprints and external communications. So be careful how you brand yourself. Employees source online for great employers just like employers source for great employees. Potential hires use social media, they look at the ‘about us’ corporate pages, and they pay attention to the job board descriptions. Be aware of ways to you engage current and new talent in all phases of your organizations, including community events and volunteer work.

Consider that most employees would love to work for companies like Google, Microsoft or Starbucks. But why? It’s because these companies have reputations for taking care of their people; both internally and externally. They seem to really care about their corporate reputation. And they are socially aware, that means they use social networks and give back the community.

They get it, smart employers know that by treating employees well it increases employee engagement, and that increases the chances of organizational success.

About the author 

Chuck Coker

For more than 30 years, Chuck has focused his career on people's development. He has implemented proprietary Personal Formation, Human Capital, Talent Management, and incentive-based programs across a broad scope of Fortune Companies, regional organizations, and educational institutions.


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