Who we are

The unique LifeThrive process was designed to transform scientific and psychonomic information into a simplified format that is easy to learn and easy to apply, regardless of your company’s industry or business sector, its age, its operating structure or culture.

Through a battery of specialized assessments, we gather valuable insight into employee behaviors and motivations. But we don’t stop there. Based on the data, we build a customized personal development plan for each individual that builds and enhances the group’s productivity, and deepens the corporate culture. We then guide your company through the process of implementing a program tailored specifically for its workforce and work environment. We not only provide you with scientifically developed strategies, we ensure you are able to implement your program efficiently and successfully.

Our goals are to lead your company through a scientifically based process that will result in improved employee engagement. Our proven methods are focused on reducing employee turnover, improving employee performance, and improving employee productivity. LifeThrive’s program will result in your company maximizing its employee potential, allowing your business to maximize the employee lifecycle in turn.

Our Mission

To enhance our client’s market position
by providing solutions based on empirical human data.

Our Vision

Creating next generational workspaces with employees that catalyze organizational success
by fulfilling their purpose personally and professionally.

Our Values

1. Unrelenting research to remain the industry leader

2. Discovery of real truth that provides insights for our growth and development

3. The integrity to identify, report and build on an individual’s true uniqueness

4. An honest caring environment that promotes improvement

Guaranteed results that produce prosperity in the truest sense of the word